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I sit and I admire, How God has graced us so.

May 27, 2012

 I am part of a wonderful forum I found on the Country Sampler Magazine website. Lots of us ladies get on all the time and chat, share photos of our kids, grandkids and just have a good ol time. We share ideas for our home decorating and share our projects after we finish them. Last Jan I asked if any of the ladies would be interested in coming to Indiana for a get to know each other weekend. Oh, yes, we did!  May 19th 2012, several of us met at Nashville Indiana and boy was it fun! We talked all day as we walked around town. One gal brought her hubby so mine was so happy he was not the only male on this adventure. After we shopped all day I invited them to my booth at the Value Plus Flea Market in Mooresville Indiana. We spent awhile there and then finally ventured on to my house for a spell! I just love to show off my house to anyone who will look. We all love primitive decorating and I just had to share all the things I had been showing off on the Country Sampler forum. I am always talking about all the auctions I go to regularly so I invited them to a auction back at the flea market. I had so much fun and I hated for it to end but the girls insisted that they had to go home! One was from Ohio, one from Missouri and and one from Oklahoma. Their families thought they were crazy meeting someone so far from home they had met on the internet! Next year we plan on meeting somewhere else and hopefully more of the girls on the forum will join us. Here are some photos I took and I want to share with all of you.

Refurbish a Antique Radio.

I have been so busy I have not had time to post so please forgive me. I started a booth in a flea market two months ago and it is keeping me busy. I just finished this today and thought it was time to get back on here and share it with you. I bought this antique radio some months ago to see what I could come up with to refurbish it. Here is the before and after photos. Hubby reinforced it, it was wobbly. He then removed the guts except for the face of the radio and key punches. I then just painted it black, tore out the old dry rotted material over the speaker hole and replaced that with a saltbox flag. I just cut the flag and glued it in place and screwed the panel back in place. I then painted the top and distressed it by sanding off spots here and ther to show the natural wood through the paint. The knobs were gone so I just screwed on wood drawer knobs. It is only for looks but hey, it turned out great.

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I am 55 years old, a homemaker and a mother of two wonderful children. A daughter named Toby who is 36 and a son named Jesse who is 33. I am a Mammaw of four of the best grandbabies I could ever ask for. AJ age 8, Kylie age 7, Bradley age 6 and Gracie age 5. I have been happily married to my hubby Jim for 6 wonderful years. We are all happy and healthy, and we are all blessed. I was born a hillbilly but raised as a hoosier most of my life. I love bluegrass music and decorating our home with primitives. Come on in and sit a spell and enjoy a tour of our home. I hope you find something that will inspire the primitive decorator in you.