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Feb 16, 2012

How To Make A Pillow Cover

This is not a pillow case, which a pillow goes into permanently until you pull it out to wash the pillow case. This is one you lay across the pillows, tuck in and simply remove it by pulling it off just before you go to bed. This way you get the look you want with less pillows to constantly put on and take off the bed to go to sleep. My mom and grandma used this method so I am sure it is just a forgotten trick some forgot to pass on to the daughters. I hope I can explain it easily enough and if not shoot me a e-mail and I will try to help you more.

Ok, here we go.
The first photo shows you the bed and a close up of the pillow cover.

Next I bought 2 yards of osenburg material. This is the first time I bought this material, I usually buy muslin, it is cheaper. I hemmed all four sides about half an inch size for the hem. I folded the material long ways because this is how it will lay across the bed. Then I folded both side in so that they met in the middle. Shown in photo.


As you can see, I sewed across the bottom of the material so the down the middle is still open. That way when you put the pillows in it, the pillow cover has a nice edge and looks like the pillows are in it like a regular pillow case.

Next, I am showing you the pillow in it so you see how it tucks in. I just put the pillows on the bed, lay the cover over it and tuck the bottom under the front of the pillows, and the back tuck under the top of the pillows. Done, very simple.


Now the star. I didn't have any black material laying around or even felt, which would have worked even better. I did have old T-shirts I use to paint furniture with. I laid the T-shirt on the kitchen table and laid a metal star on the T-shirt I just took off the wall, traced with a ink pen and cut it out. I measured to find the middle point of the material both ways. I layed the already made pillow cover on the bed (more room) so that the front side was up. I found the middle of the pillow cover from the sides and the top to bottom. Then from that middle point, I found the middle top and bottom on the left half of the center point and the right side of the middle point. I hope I am not confusing you. This is just how I do things. So for example, if the material is 36 inches longways. Half of that is 18, pin it. Top to bottom is on this material lets say 15 inchs ( I'm just making the measures up) half of that is 7 1/2, pin it. Then trace your marks so that they meet. in a cross. I folded my star in half and put it there. I just sewed it with embrodery thread, only because it is thick and less to do. I just sewed it. No pattern, Just sew. Add the buttons I had in a old jar from the auction. Done. I hoped this helped.

Feb 9, 2012

My Attempt At Making Grungy Jars

Well, this has been very interesting and I don't know yet if I like doing this or if it is worth the pains in my hands to keep doing it. My RA is not doing too good and I am  bound and determined I will finish this project.... So I will give you step by step info as to how I did this and if you have an easier way to make a grungy jar, please send me a e-mail and let me know.

1.  I got a vintage canning jar. One with the metal on the top that holds down a glass lid. Don't know how this will look, but I thought I'd give it a try. I also did one with a zinc lid, but I only did the jar.

2.  I gathered all the spices I have had in the cabinet for awhile and thought I'd use them. As you see in the photo, I have tea bags, lemon pepper, cinnamon, instant coffee. I used all of them, (tore open the tea bags and dumped the tea onto the pan) mixed them all.

3. Tall jar: I used Elmer's glue. Brushed it onto the glass a section at a time. Rolled the sticky jar into the mixture. It didn't do too good. The mixture only stuck in some places. OK, picked jar up and sprinkled mixture onto it and patted it. That was a little better. I did not use a label on this jar.
Short jar, I put the label I printed on Avery Shipping label kit I bought at WalMart. I went online to the Avery website and they have a tutorial that is very easy to understand and I made my labels. I also used my own program I have on my computer to put my photos on the labels. On this photo, my oldest grandbaby is on the label top right. You can't do that part with Avery. Then I brushed the glue on in sections but this time I used a lot of glue, sprinkled the mixture on it and patted. Turned out a lot better.

4. Let them sit and dry for a couple of hours. I then brushed very heavy more glue onto the jar and now I am waiting for that to dry. I will add more to this tomorrow after I see the results.


Well, it has been a couple of days now and I do like the final results. I think you will too.

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