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Jul 19, 2011

Update on the damaged floors

Still waiting on the prices but here are a few update photos of how our vacation ended. It would have been cheaper to stay at home. Hit a deer and came home to flooded wood floors and carpet. Hmmmm. It went under some of the kitchen cabinets so now they have to be taken out. I just painted the cabinets black in April and repainted the living room two weeks ago, just before I left. Now with the large fans they brought in to dry the wood floor in the living room, I have to spring clean all over again, dirt everywhere. I hurt already and I have not even started.

Well here it is July 26th and still nothing. Our insurance company assumed we would use a company they chose. NOT. Do not ever let someone like that chose anyone for you. I had a bank a few years ago chose a property inspector for me before I bought a foreclosed house. He gave me a paper stating everything passed inspection including the well, termites and septic system. I paid $120,000 for this house. When I went to move in guess what? The well was condemned due to the septic leaking into it, the septic was trashed and the health dept. would not let me replace it. OK. How do you live in a house with no water and no septic. I could not sue the inspector because in tiny fine print it was stated that not all statements are accurate. So guess what, no wonder the bank chose him. I filed bankruptcy and told them to stick the house where the sun don't shine and walked away. After that the resell of the house was $30,000. So I do not trust anyone recommended by banks, or insurance or anything of that type.
The check which I still do not know anything about, the damage amount, or anything, another reason not to trust them, no on seems to want to give us any info or documentation. Hmmmmmm. What are they hiding? Stay tuned.

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