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Jul 26, 2011

Building A Electric Fireplace Media Center

Hi everybody, we are in the middle of wood floor replacement from water damage caused by the ice maker on the refrigerator in the kitchen and dining room. Also the living room carpet got soaked so it is being replaced also. While all this is going on around us by contractors, we are making a fireplace. We went to NY a few weeks ago for vacation and brought back lots of different style and size rocks we picked up. We had 3 large burn barrels full of river rock and slate rock that we collected over two weeks. We searched high and low to find flat rocks to go onto the fireplace and some very large rocks to go on the pond we are updating in a few weeks. But one project at a time. Here are the beginning's of the framework for the fireplace, as you can see, the platform is done and the framing of the insert and sides of the cubby holes for the media center. We bought a electric insert that has the real looking fire burning in it at Menard's. We do not plan on using the actual heater, we only want the look. As you can see in the photo, it was hot that day and all the cutting of the wood was done in the garage and it was in the 90's and hubby is hot. I will update this as we go so you can see how it ends up. My hubby always does such a good job when he makes things for our house and he spoils me rotten! The first photo is the one that inspired us. It is the fireplace from my favorite restaurant, The Cracker Barrel. Their fireplace is actual wood burning, ours will be electric.


  1. Literally You post is enough to build knowledge about Fireplaces electric in my mind..I like your ideas..Thanks for sharing innovative adventure....

  2. Awwww, thank you John, I hope our postings help.


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