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Jul 26, 2011

Building A Electric Fireplace Media Center

Hi everybody, we are in the middle of wood floor replacement from water damage caused by the ice maker on the refrigerator in the kitchen and dining room. Also the living room carpet got soaked so it is being replaced also. While all this is going on around us by contractors, we are making a fireplace. We went to NY a few weeks ago for vacation and brought back lots of different style and size rocks we picked up. We had 3 large burn barrels full of river rock and slate rock that we collected over two weeks. We searched high and low to find flat rocks to go onto the fireplace and some very large rocks to go on the pond we are updating in a few weeks. But one project at a time. Here are the beginning's of the framework for the fireplace, as you can see, the platform is done and the framing of the insert and sides of the cubby holes for the media center. We bought a electric insert that has the real looking fire burning in it at Menard's. We do not plan on using the actual heater, we only want the look. As you can see in the photo, it was hot that day and all the cutting of the wood was done in the garage and it was in the 90's and hubby is hot. I will update this as we go so you can see how it ends up. My hubby always does such a good job when he makes things for our house and he spoils me rotten! The first photo is the one that inspired us. It is the fireplace from my favorite restaurant, The Cracker Barrel. Their fireplace is actual wood burning, ours will be electric.

Jul 19, 2011

Update on the damaged floors

Still waiting on the prices but here are a few update photos of how our vacation ended. It would have been cheaper to stay at home. Hit a deer and came home to flooded wood floors and carpet. Hmmmm. It went under some of the kitchen cabinets so now they have to be taken out. I just painted the cabinets black in April and repainted the living room two weeks ago, just before I left. Now with the large fans they brought in to dry the wood floor in the living room, I have to spring clean all over again, dirt everywhere. I hurt already and I have not even started.

Well here it is July 26th and still nothing. Our insurance company assumed we would use a company they chose. NOT. Do not ever let someone like that chose anyone for you. I had a bank a few years ago chose a property inspector for me before I bought a foreclosed house. He gave me a paper stating everything passed inspection including the well, termites and septic system. I paid $120,000 for this house. When I went to move in guess what? The well was condemned due to the septic leaking into it, the septic was trashed and the health dept. would not let me replace it. OK. How do you live in a house with no water and no septic. I could not sue the inspector because in tiny fine print it was stated that not all statements are accurate. So guess what, no wonder the bank chose him. I filed bankruptcy and told them to stick the house where the sun don't shine and walked away. After that the resell of the house was $30,000. So I do not trust anyone recommended by banks, or insurance or anything of that type.
The check which I still do not know anything about, the damage amount, or anything, another reason not to trust them, no on seems to want to give us any info or documentation. Hmmmmmm. What are they hiding? Stay tuned.

Jul 9, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011

We really had to push ourselves to take our vacation this year. We have so much we would like to do to our house and there has to be a choice made each summer. Work and spend on the house or visit my husbands family in Plattsburgh NY. This year we took the trip. My husbands sister was renewing her vows and if it weren't for her asking my husband to walk her down the isle, we probably wouldn't have gone. I am glad we did. It was a fun trip even though we had obsticals jump in the way....

We started out with the decision to not just drive straight there. It is about a 13 hour trip. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it is getting worse. I have a lot of pain in my elbows of all places. I guess by using your hands all the time, you do use your elbows. Mine won't stop hurting. It is like a tooth ache. Your tooth hurts enough to make you want to go to the dentist yet not enough to go immediately. It is one of those aches. I have bought at least 4 different chairs in the last few months to use in front of the computer because I just can't get comfortable while I am on here. I keep buying chairs and I still hurt. I am about to give up and just put up with it. Anyway, I am rattling on here. Back to the subject.

Our first stop was somewhere in Ohio at a large flea market. We were late pulling in so we had an hour before closing time. I looked and found two egg scales. It was getting dark and we needed to get going and find a room after we put a few more hours of driving behind us. So we were lucky we even found the egg scales!

Our next stop was in Millersburg and Berlin Ohio and here is a website from one of the shoppes we bought from  it has some info you may be interested in. I love it there and I have already made plans for our next trip to stay over night there. We were there for most of the day and did not see even half of the shops there. We could not stay any longer we had a wedding to get to of his sister's who was renewing her wedding vows. Ooooooo I hated to go. Maybe some of the girls from country sampler will make this a place to go some day and we can all meet there. It was a wonderful place. I found a blog you may find interesting if you are wanting to visit an Amish community. It is baced on Berlin Ohio Amish. Enjoy!

Next, after we left there we stayed at a motel on the PA/NY state line. Not the best, but we waited so late in the night to find one, we had to take what we could get. Last vacation we tried sleeping in the truck for a few hours to save money and I just could not do it again. I hurt so bad I wanted to cry. We had just laid down in the bed and BOOM. Fireworks. Guess we picked the wrong night to try to sleep early. The town was having their fireworks right behind our room in the baseball field. Lucky for us it didn't last long. The next morning around 6:00 am we got back on the road and we rounded a corner on some back road in PA and a large deer jumped the railing into the front of our truck. We had been on the road only 10 min when this happened. Was this the beginning of a bad streak? Nope. We were able to contact our insurance and drive on to our next  stop. 

We pulled into his sister's driveway in Plattsburg NY and it felt so good to finally get out and relax.
We decided when we got here to make this trip worth its money. We are installing a electric fireplace and we want to put rocks on the face of it. So while we are in NY we went rock hunting. I can't wait to show you all we got. That will be another blog.

On our way home, we decided to stop off in West Virgina at a Casino for a few hours to try our luck. Lost $100.00. Never have won at these places.

Got home and were greeted by a wet kitchen floor. We emptied the ice maker out the morning we left on vacation to fill the cooler we took for drinks. I guess we pulled on the water line or did something to it. The whole 2 weeks we were gone water dripped onto our wood kitchen floor. Another insurance claim. It got under the kitchen cabinets as well, I guess we will see if it went into the living room or not when the guy gets here on monday for an estimate.

At least we didn't have a flat. We had so much weight in the back from all the rocks, oh it would have been very bad.....see there is good in all things.

We went rock hunting. Visited Lake Placid, went shopping, went to a movie: Transformers 3, went rock hunting again, celebrated the 4th of July on Lake Champlain and finally had a wonderful wedding.

I took lots of photos. I have them on this blog page for you to see under the title of Our Vacation 2011. I hope you like them.

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