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May 6, 2011

Painting Silverware

When we moved into this house almost 3 years ago, there were no knobs or handles on the drawers or doors in the kitchen. I saw at Menard's they had some cute pulls and knobs that looked like silverware. They cost $12.00 each. Nope, I knew I could make them cheaper. I went to an auction and bought a box of silverware for about $6.00. Last year hubby drilled holes in them and put the on the cabinets. I didn't want to put them back on this year, I just didn't like the silver look. I wanted to put them in the garage sale box. Hubby said, try painting them first. See if you like them. So I went to Walmart and I bought this kit that makes metal look like it is rusted. They have a big variety of different kits there to make things look like stone, marble, cracked.... on and on. Anyway I thought rusty would look good with black. You first spray the first coat onto the silverware. You only need to do the fronts, no one will see the back of the silverware. Let it dry then uses a paper towel and just dab it onto the silverware. Let it dry and wow. Next do the screws that you will attach them to do door or drawer with. Remember, only do the head of the screws. If you do the bottoms, they won't screw into the wood very good. I used a piece of cardboard. Pushed the screws threw it, then sprayed the heads, let dry, then dab the second color on lightly. If you do this, e-mail me and let me know how you like it.

Silverware before painting

Silverware after painting rusty color treatment

Screws pushed into cardboard to protect threads from paint

First coat sprayed on

Second coat dabbed on with paper towel

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