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May 6, 2011

Painted My Kitchen Cabinets Black

Well I finally finished a project I have been putting off for over a year. I knew I would love them, I just didn't know which color to pick. As you can see I picked black. I wanted to put burgundy over the black and distress them so the black showed through but I really like them the way they are. Maybe when I get tired of them I will add the burgundy then. I started out with buying the new paint from Menard's that has the primmer already in it called Grand Distinction. It cost a little more but by the time you buy the primmer and then buy the paint it comes out almost the same. It saves time and I like that. So I lightly sanded the cabinets. Just scratched around on them, then dust them off with a damp cloth. Then I painted with just a cheap brush. I throw my brushes away when I am done. I guess I am just lazy when it comes to cleaning them. I can't clean them in the sink inside because I have a septic system. If you have a septic system also, do not clean any kind of paint or paint brushes in your sink. It destroys the balance in your septic system and causes it to break down and clog up. Then you got big problems. I just had a new one put in and I will just throw away the brushes, and not tear up a $8000.00 septic system I just put in late last fall. Anyway, back to the is just a black color, very simple. I tried to use a roller, I didn't like the bumpy look so while it was still wet I picked up a brush and went over it. I liked the way the brush looked. It took two coats. Maybe a touch here and there afterwards for spots I missed. I started to paint under the top cabinets, I did one and then I realized you can't see it unless you bend down and look up. So I didn't go any farther. Why waist paint and your time if no one can't see it? So here is a photo of before and after. I hope you like it as much as I do.


  1. Christie: I love it, not only the black cabinets (you go, girl! That took GUTS!) but I also love the entire look of the room. I don't think you will tire of them and you did a great job! Congrats and Happy Mother's Day! Hugs, Joy at

  2. Thank you so much, and happy Mother's Day to you.


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