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May 6, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day is by far the hardest day for me to get through. I lost my Mom on Feb. 18 2001. She went in for a simple heart bypass. Many people have it done, they have several done and do fine. She never came out of recovery. One week later she died. I lived in Toledo Ohio and never made it to the hospital in time, I was 4 hours away. Death waits for no one. I remember the day she went in for her surgery. She told me was so scared.  I said. "Mom, this is considered band aid surgery. It is done quick and very secure now days."  I had no worries about the dangers of this surgery. I turned to leave as they were wheeling her out on a gurney to surgery. I said, "Bye, I love you Mommy." I stopped in my tracks. What just came out of my mouth....You never say bye to someone going into surgery and I hadn't called my mom 'Mommy" since I was a very small child. I had as long as I could remember called her "Mom". I knew right then and there I would never see her again. It came true. She never came back to us and was gone in a week. I miss her so much. I hate Mother's Day. It is so painful for me. I am so lost. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer the day mom went into surgery, he never told her. He died 8 months later. Only someone who has lost both parents know the pain I feel. Even in a crowed room, you feel alone. Cherish your parents. I would give a week of my remaining time to not cry for the whole week before Mother's Day and to spend just one hour with my mother. I am so lost without her.

A photo of my Mom, her Mom and me I made.

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