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In the corner of my garden, Where the wildflowers grow,
I sit and I admire, How God has graced us so.

Jan 11, 2011


I am blogging a little late for Thanksgiving, but I have been busy. I also get the blues in the winter months so it is harder for me to get into the mood to do anything at all.

Well for one thing, my family and I had a very good Thanksgiving get-together. We had one argument among us, which was not too bad considering there were at least 30 of us at my house. I asked everyone coming to please bring a friend if they had one, who did not have anyone to have Thanksgiving dinner with. I was blessed with one extra person. A homeless man that one of my brothers became friends with. I was honored to share our home, food and friendship with him. Everyone brought a side dish and we were all able to enjoy many many favorite recipes. We were all blessed.

Now for the argument. We all are big eaters. Who cares, it's Thanksgiving, EAT!. My niece has gained a lot of weight and she is very sensitive about it. I understand, but come on. If it bothers you that much, lose it! She didn't like my sister-in-law ( from another brother) making a comment  about her weight. OK, my sister-in-law weighs maybe 110 lbs and is about 4 ft 10 inches tall. Tiny little thing that has a big mouth. Anyway the argument started and ended within min. and I didn't have to step up and referee. I was glad for that. After dinner, everybody pushed me out of the kitchen and cleaned up and did the dishes for me. I loved that. We then all sat around and looked at pictures of Mom and Dad. Both have been gone 9 years. We missed them very much. After the walk in the past we all went to the game room and played pool, listened to music and talked. It was a great time and I declared this to be an every year tradition for Thanksgiving each year. At least this way we all get together at least once. I can't seem to get everyone together any other time, so this will do. I have Thanksgiving and Christmas every year the week end before the actual holiday. That gives everyone time to spend together here and they can spend the holidays with other family members. It works out great! No one is in a rush to go to someone else's house for the holiday.

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