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Jan 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

Hope all went well with you and your family this Christmas. I have been blessed with a wonderful, happy and healthy family. My hubby and I went all out this year and spent too much money on the grand babies. My daughter and son told me that if they had to come to Christmas next year with a truck, they would not be coming! What ever! I asked all four grand babies, ages 5,6,7,8, for a list of 10 things they wanted for Christmas. Bikes was the number one thing all 4 wanted. So, they got it, along with everything on the list and then some!. OK, I'm bad. I couldn't help it. I started out spending $150.00 on each grand baby. I couldn't believe I was not able to buy them much. My husband said, just call them ask for a list. Don't worry about the money. So that is what I did. It was wonderful. Everyone came over the weekend before Christmas for our get together and all the grand babies noticed there were no presents under the tree in the living room.. I just smiled. After we ate I told them to all go into the game room and we would play games. Then I heard the squeals! They were jumping up and down and wanted to start opening everything. SO WE DID! I left the bikes in the garage so they would not see them. After everything was opened, papaw said, hey I think there is something missing! So we had them all sit down and one at a time each bike was brought out. I just loved all the smiles and hugs. It was worth every penny we spent. I told them not to expect this again next year. This was just special.  Next year, we are driving to Plattsburg NewYork for two weeks at Christmas to spend with my husbands family. I can't wait. I just love his mom and sister.

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