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I sit and I admire, How God has graced us so.

Dec 30, 2011

7 ft. Farm Table Hubby Made

Hubby just finished this table today. It is 7 ft. and has a bench seat with it. The top plank boards are cherry and the bottom is solid oak. He put most of it together with large wood pegs like in the old days and wow it is amazing. It is the best one he has made yet. The top was treated with Tung Oil, it brings out the color of the cherry yet protects it from water rings. The bottom is painted a satin black. Here are some of the steps he took to build it. The last photo shows a couple of sawdust pillows I made to lay on the bench. Gives it a country feeling.

Nov 30, 2011

Rope Bed

I bought this old rope bed about 6 months ago at an auction. No one wanted it, it was loose in places and there were no side rails. I wondered if it could be made into a reg bed or maybe one of the benches hubby was always making out of twin headboards and foot boards. Well last weekend we drug it out from the corner designated  "things to be done"  and decided it was time to do something with it. Here are a few steps we took to finished project.  Hubby replaced the rollers on the bottom of the posts, they were so rusted and corroded that they fell apart just touching them. I researched the rope bed and found it is app. 1800-early 1900 era. Cool. I like that. I wanted to stay with the era if I could. I had been flipping through the Country Sampler mag and found a bed similar to it that had wide side rails. I took it to hubby and said this would look great and the same time period for the bed. I asked him to drill holes in the side rails like the photo also so I could run a rope in and out of it to look as if the mattress is setting on the ropes. I then painted the bed with a satin black that has the primer in it I bought from Menard's. It didn't need a second coat, I had covered it pretty good with just the first one. I still have to distressed the bed, hubby needs to put slats across the bed to hold the box spring and mattress and this weekend I will post the finished product. I hope you like the way it looks so far. 

Here is the finished project. Hope you like it.

Nov 4, 2011

Finally The Fireplace Is Done!!!!

Here are the final photos of the fireplace. It was a long messy journey but we got through it. I hope showing you the different stages helps you if you decide you want to build your own. All in all, it probably cost us close to $1000.00 by building it ourselves. Estimated price of paying a professional to build this was $5000.00.

Oct 10, 2011

Stages Of The New Fireplace

We have been working on this electric fireplace now since July. We have been doing many things around the house and it has slowed us down quite a bit. Also fall is here now and all the festivals have started. I can't miss them. I wait all year just to go to these. They are so much fun and the food and color of the fall leaves are so breath taking. My favorite time of the year. I hate to see all my flowers die and all the joys of spring and summer leave, but I still enjoy fall the most. Anyway, here are some of the steps we have taken and there are many left to go. I will update as we get closer to the finish and I hope it is this weekend!

Well it is the weekend and hubby pulled a muscle in his shoulder so we won't get the fireplace done this weekend. Here is one more updated photo of the colors I chose to paint the fireplace.

We finally got the stone on, all is left is the grout. I picked brown, I pray it all goes together. Here is a updated photo of the stone on, the grout will be put on this weekend.

Aug 26, 2011

Kitchen Is Back In Order!

Hi all, I have been frantically painting away since the new floor was put down in the kitchen. I was tired of all the yellow, I'd had it for 3 years now, so it was time for a change. I used the same green I just painted my living room walls from the chair rail down and brought it into the kitchen, dinning room and hallway. I just changed it up. I do love the new look. It is soothing. Hope you like it, I do have some touch ups left to do. I still need to paint the window sill, inside the open cabinets and I will be done, but that can wait till next week. This weekend my hubby and I are putting in a new electric fireplace. I hope we get it finished. I want to lay down the new living room carpet. We can't do this till the fireplace is done so we don't get anything on the new carpet. As you can see, my kitchen has underwent many different stages. I hope you like the latest.

Aug 14, 2011

Kitchen Floor Is Finished!

Finally! Hubby and a friend were able to get a early start on tearing out the old floor on Friday. Then they worked all day on Sat. and got the new floor finished. It looks wonderful and feels so good on bare feet! Hubby had to leave early Sun. morning so the trim won't get down until this weekend and then I can pull back into the rooms the dinning room set and kitchen islands and rugs. I will then get all the trim painted and I am searching for a new color to paint the walls. Maybe a pumpkin color. Hmmm.


Jul 26, 2011

Building A Electric Fireplace Media Center

Hi everybody, we are in the middle of wood floor replacement from water damage caused by the ice maker on the refrigerator in the kitchen and dining room. Also the living room carpet got soaked so it is being replaced also. While all this is going on around us by contractors, we are making a fireplace. We went to NY a few weeks ago for vacation and brought back lots of different style and size rocks we picked up. We had 3 large burn barrels full of river rock and slate rock that we collected over two weeks. We searched high and low to find flat rocks to go onto the fireplace and some very large rocks to go on the pond we are updating in a few weeks. But one project at a time. Here are the beginning's of the framework for the fireplace, as you can see, the platform is done and the framing of the insert and sides of the cubby holes for the media center. We bought a electric insert that has the real looking fire burning in it at Menard's. We do not plan on using the actual heater, we only want the look. As you can see in the photo, it was hot that day and all the cutting of the wood was done in the garage and it was in the 90's and hubby is hot. I will update this as we go so you can see how it ends up. My hubby always does such a good job when he makes things for our house and he spoils me rotten! The first photo is the one that inspired us. It is the fireplace from my favorite restaurant, The Cracker Barrel. Their fireplace is actual wood burning, ours will be electric.

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