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Sep 27, 2010

Privacy Fence

Well, this month we have been busy adding lattice to the top of our privacy fence. When we moved here a couple of years ago, we decided to add more fence to the yard. It was fenced in with 6 foot privacy fence on one side and across the back. We decided to finish the front and other side but not with 6 foot fence. We felt it would show our neighbors that we were not friendly so we went with 4 foot. I don't know it that made sense to you about how high the fence would be but it did to us. We decided on part of the front section and to go off the edge of the side of the house. I didn't want a fence around the whole house, it just seemed too much. After we put up the 4 foot fence to finish off the yard, we didn't like it. It didn't look right. So we thought we could buy lattice to add to the top and bring up the height. Wow. That would cost quite a bit so we have lumber in the garage for projects we like doing what better use than to rip it down to strips and make our own lattice. That took quite a bit of time but turned out to be cheap and we had fun doing it together. Now, I saw a gateway that I thought was pretty so we decided to add that to the fence. Here is a photo of the fence and we are still working on it. I also included a photo which is the last one, to give you an idea of what inspired us to do this project and how our fence will look after the honeysuckle which will be planted in the spring, will vine over the fence and be wonderful.


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