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Aug 31, 2010

Furniture My Husband Made

Well we finally got it done. This is the medicine cabinet my hubby made for our guest bathroom. I still haven't gotten the vanity done, but it will match this once I get it finished. I know the mirror is not traditional, it is on the bottom right corner, but I don't like doing the same thing everybody else does, so we did it different. Also he put up a new light bar to shine on the green glassware I have on display across the top. It turned out wonderful. I sold my dinning table set today and I called him while he was going through Nebraska and said, "Honey, remember when I said I would love to have you make me a new dinning table?......" He just laughed. We are so good together....miss him. Ok, anyway here is a photo of it.


Next is a bench he made out of a antique full size bed headboard and footboard.

Aug 9, 2010

My New Crock Shelf

I am very proud of my hubby. He did a great job on this. I asked him to make it out of imperfect boards and to make at least one board smaller and this is what he did. It took him about 3 hours to make it. I decorated it with things I already had in the house I had been collecting just for this. Of course I had to copy CS on how to decorate it! I didn't think my husband and I could get it in the house after it was done. It must have weighed 400 pounds! I made him screw it to the wall just to be safe in case one of the grand babies decided to climb it. Wow, it was big and heavy. I used the oil you put on a butcher block table. It gave it the extra old look. It dried within hours and made it a little smoother so it could be dusted. Without any treatment, it was too ruff to dust it.


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