Inspirational Saying

In the corner of my garden, Where the wildflowers grow,
I sit and I admire, How God has graced us so.

Jun 29, 2010

Flower Gardens

The flowers are doing wonderful this year. I am struggling with the pond. I can't keep it clear. I also am having problems keeping the neighbors big dog out of my pond on hot days. We have had our words over him and I know she is trying to keep him tied up. My suggestion to this problem would be to get a fence before you get a dog, not after you have to pay for somebodies property it damaged. Anyway, the storm damaged the vine growing up the lattice behind the swing. The left half seem to be dying while the right seems to be thriving. I love all the colors and my husband says it looks like a jungle out back. Oh well. I love it. As long as the snakes we have this year leave me alone all is well in the flower beds. Enjoy.

Dresser Re Make

I found this dresser at a auction for $25.00. I liked it because the drawers were very deep and it was very sturdy. Oh yeah, the drawers didn't fall out. I don't know how many dressers I have bought that I just loved after I re finished them but soon hated because the drawers wanted to fall out. Anyway, I liked this one even though it needed a good paint job, new or better old handles because it was missing a few and it had several different styled handles stuck on it. I had an extra old mirror in the garage left over from another dresser and I decided to stick it on it for the old look. WOW. Now I really liked it. I always hated the mirrored closet doors so i put the dresser in front of it and added the lace above it and it seems to work great at hiding it. So use some imagination, try new things and see what you can come up with. You might be surprised like I was!

Jun 8, 2010

US 40 Statewide Garage Sale

This year the garage sale was not fun at all. We fought downpours almost everyday. Severe thunderstorms with winds of up to 40-50 mph. We had to tie our 10x20 tents to the blazer and one to the van. My husband who took the week off to help me, stood inside one tent on a dresser to hold down the roofing during one of the storms. The heat was in the high 80s and the humidity was awful. We decided next year, we will have a garage sale at home. I lost a lot of money buying 3 new tents, tie downs, paying someone to help me set up, my husband taking off work etc. I prob came out even or lost money. It was not worth it.

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