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Feb 24, 2010

Mixing White Primmer and Black Satin Paint

Here is a tip I discovered this week. My daughter-in-law is always just throwing paint and what have ya together and coming out with some great looking painted items. Well this weekend my husband made a bench out of an old headboard and footboard I bought at a auction last summer. I had some old black paint and I thought hmmm wonder if I can mix primmer with black satin paint and not have to use white primmer which I hate. If you sand down after using white primmer, it always shows threw and then I have to work at covering up that white. So anyway, I mixed the two and tried painting with a small 1 inch brush on the bench. Wow. It looked like silk. It is a dark grey. I haven't gotten the coat of black on it yet, I am still working on that darn musty smelling wardrobe I have in my bedroom. As soon as I get it done I will show you. It saved me a step ( primming after lightly sanding a varnished surface). I am amazed that there are no brush marks. Just thought I would give a tip on how to save a step for all of you furniture painters like me.


Feb 20, 2010

Jar Holder

I took an old tool box, primed it, painted it and sanded the edges. I had some old ball jars of different styles and some old milk bottles in the garage. So I added them to the box. The framed quilt blocks were a couple of placemats I found at the Goodwill store, I just stuck them in old frames. Pretty and very easy.

Table Arrangement

I bought this tin bowl at a auction last week and brought it home and filled it with a candle and bowl fillers. Simple and it cost $2.00

Crock Table

When I got this it was baby blue, I primed it, then painted it black. I sanded it on the edges and added some watered down burgandy craft paint to it and this is what I got. Not bad for $12.00. I think you can buy the table for around $150.00 new.

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