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Nov 21, 2010

Antique Footboard Bench

Here is another bench made from a curved antique bed footboard. I covered the seat and added the frame with the curved glass. I can take the frame off and change out the decor on the inside if I want and the seat is removeable so I can change the cushion cover to match whatever I have in the room.

Towel Rack

This is a towel rack that hubby made me. I have had these old door knobs for years and could never find a use for them. I just love it.

Christmas Tree 2010

This is our tree. It is a German Stick tree. I like it because it is two toned and goes very well with primitive decor. I fell in love with the hugging snowmen.

Sep 27, 2010

Privacy Fence

Well, this month we have been busy adding lattice to the top of our privacy fence. When we moved here a couple of years ago, we decided to add more fence to the yard. It was fenced in with 6 foot privacy fence on one side and across the back. We decided to finish the front and other side but not with 6 foot fence. We felt it would show our neighbors that we were not friendly so we went with 4 foot. I don't know it that made sense to you about how high the fence would be but it did to us. We decided on part of the front section and to go off the edge of the side of the house. I didn't want a fence around the whole house, it just seemed too much. After we put up the 4 foot fence to finish off the yard, we didn't like it. It didn't look right. So we thought we could buy lattice to add to the top and bring up the height. Wow. That would cost quite a bit so we have lumber in the garage for projects we like doing what better use than to rip it down to strips and make our own lattice. That took quite a bit of time but turned out to be cheap and we had fun doing it together. Now, I saw a gateway that I thought was pretty so we decided to add that to the fence. Here is a photo of the fence and we are still working on it. I also included a photo which is the last one, to give you an idea of what inspired us to do this project and how our fence will look after the honeysuckle which will be planted in the spring, will vine over the fence and be wonderful.

Aug 31, 2010

Furniture My Husband Made

Well we finally got it done. This is the medicine cabinet my hubby made for our guest bathroom. I still haven't gotten the vanity done, but it will match this once I get it finished. I know the mirror is not traditional, it is on the bottom right corner, but I don't like doing the same thing everybody else does, so we did it different. Also he put up a new light bar to shine on the green glassware I have on display across the top. It turned out wonderful. I sold my dinning table set today and I called him while he was going through Nebraska and said, "Honey, remember when I said I would love to have you make me a new dinning table?......" He just laughed. We are so good together....miss him. Ok, anyway here is a photo of it.


Next is a bench he made out of a antique full size bed headboard and footboard.

Aug 9, 2010

My New Crock Shelf

I am very proud of my hubby. He did a great job on this. I asked him to make it out of imperfect boards and to make at least one board smaller and this is what he did. It took him about 3 hours to make it. I decorated it with things I already had in the house I had been collecting just for this. Of course I had to copy CS on how to decorate it! I didn't think my husband and I could get it in the house after it was done. It must have weighed 400 pounds! I made him screw it to the wall just to be safe in case one of the grand babies decided to climb it. Wow, it was big and heavy. I used the oil you put on a butcher block table. It gave it the extra old look. It dried within hours and made it a little smoother so it could be dusted. Without any treatment, it was too ruff to dust it.


Jul 14, 2010


Well finally the pond and all its wonders are bloomed out. I have been waiting on the big white flowers to bloom so I could take this photo. This is what made me fall in love with this house a year ago when we first saw it. I don't know what the plant is called. The blooms on it must be 6 inches tall and they close up when the sun comes out. I hope you enjoy the photo of my boardwalk as much as I have enjoyed sitting on my porch looking at it.

Jun 29, 2010

Flower Gardens

The flowers are doing wonderful this year. I am struggling with the pond. I can't keep it clear. I also am having problems keeping the neighbors big dog out of my pond on hot days. We have had our words over him and I know she is trying to keep him tied up. My suggestion to this problem would be to get a fence before you get a dog, not after you have to pay for somebodies property it damaged. Anyway, the storm damaged the vine growing up the lattice behind the swing. The left half seem to be dying while the right seems to be thriving. I love all the colors and my husband says it looks like a jungle out back. Oh well. I love it. As long as the snakes we have this year leave me alone all is well in the flower beds. Enjoy.

Dresser Re Make

I found this dresser at a auction for $25.00. I liked it because the drawers were very deep and it was very sturdy. Oh yeah, the drawers didn't fall out. I don't know how many dressers I have bought that I just loved after I re finished them but soon hated because the drawers wanted to fall out. Anyway, I liked this one even though it needed a good paint job, new or better old handles because it was missing a few and it had several different styled handles stuck on it. I had an extra old mirror in the garage left over from another dresser and I decided to stick it on it for the old look. WOW. Now I really liked it. I always hated the mirrored closet doors so i put the dresser in front of it and added the lace above it and it seems to work great at hiding it. So use some imagination, try new things and see what you can come up with. You might be surprised like I was!

Jun 8, 2010

US 40 Statewide Garage Sale

This year the garage sale was not fun at all. We fought downpours almost everyday. Severe thunderstorms with winds of up to 40-50 mph. We had to tie our 10x20 tents to the blazer and one to the van. My husband who took the week off to help me, stood inside one tent on a dresser to hold down the roofing during one of the storms. The heat was in the high 80s and the humidity was awful. We decided next year, we will have a garage sale at home. I lost a lot of money buying 3 new tents, tie downs, paying someone to help me set up, my husband taking off work etc. I prob came out even or lost money. It was not worth it.

May 11, 2010

Table and Chairs

My husband and I refinished this table and chairs set. He made a new table top to go on it the one that was on it was particle board. Now it is so nice. I sold it before I even got it finished.

I Would Like To Share With You My Flower Gardens

Just thought I would post some flowers growing in my yard. The color is so pretty and they smell so wonderful.

Apr 23, 2010

Gourd Bird Houses

I thought I would give you some ideas on how to create bird houses from gourds. Last fall I bought boxes and boxes of dried gourds from an auction with the intention of making bird houses. Well, I finally got around to starting them. I had a friend over and we worked for a few days to get a couple of boxes started on. Most did not need any sanding but a few had scales and needed a light cleaning. Here is a sample of how and what we created. I cut with a drimmel, holes big enough for birds to enter and exit the gourd easily. Next I cut two small holes in the top of the gourd on opposite sides so I could put a string through it to hang the gourds. You couldn't get the string to go through one hole and out the other because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't make perfect matches. Also sometimes there were seeds in the way that Linda couldn't get out, so I made a hook bent at one end with a long handle so I could push the hook threw the first hole, out the next, grab the string and pull back threw and out. Linda, my friend, gutted out the seeds from the enter and exit holes after I was done cutting the holes and stringing. She then painted each gourd. We decided that the easiest and fastest drying paint would be spray cans. Great colors and low cost of around $1.00 a can. It did quite a few gourds. We went to the Everything Is A Dollar store and bought lots of things including the faces! After they dried we used our imagination and look what we came up with. We were tired, but we had a blast!   Give it a try. Send me a photo of one you get done so I can see what you came up with!!!

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